Trolley decoiler for banding tapes

Trolley platform increases work comfort and prevents from tangling. It has width and adjustment. Replacing the roll is simple. The front wall serves as a brake trash which effectively prevents from the spontanous development of the tape. Powder coated. Weigh 9 kilos.


Tensioner H21/H22 is a device for strapping loads of polyester or polyproplylene tapes using through steel or plastic clips. Designed to stabilize bulk cargoes.

Advantages of the device: high resistance of short circuit, the opportuninty to work in different places and tapes of different widths.


Universal striper 12-16

Stipers for porlypropyne tape enables fast roping cartons, wooden boxes and pallets, solid and practical is addjust to all polypropylene tape. Practical, light and comfortable to use, provides a solid metal buckle closure and easy to cut the tape. Reliable and efficient. The tool allows you to maintain proper belt tension and firmly tighten the semi-open buckle. Ideal for spot and vertical strapping.
Tensioner with steel packer is produced in Europe.
Weight: 3,3 kg
1 year warranty.
Retailng sale.
Price for item.
For strapping we also reccomend inevitable metal buckles.

Strech unwinder