Wire unroller type ARD 1200

Wire unroller is designed for work with machines for bending wire.This machine is made based on 15 years of experience with the work done on bending machines.We have removed the control arm as the most unreliable part of unrolling system that was replaced  by a laser system cooperating with the inverter.This allows us to program a soft start,delay or accelerate the inhibition of the drive. These elements prevent from misalignment of the stock and in consequence smooth unrolling. The rigid design allows for loads up to 1200 kg as standard.The machine is suitable for transport by forklift.On request we produce unroller to any loads you need.

Main features:

  • soft start
  • delayed accelerated braking
  • load rating to 1200 kg
  • the speed of unrolling;smooth regulation
  • supply voltage:three -phase
  • power:0,75 kw
  • speed range from 0 to 60/min
  • the diamiter of rotation basket ;1100 min
  • diamention base;700 /1600
  • machine weight;280kg
  • the total working area 2300/1100
  • circuit breaker against faulty wire wound(optionally can be fastened with automatic receiver)
  • channels for trasport by forklift
  • control panel

Welding assembly table

Welding assembly table with hinged worktop is very useful element of the welding work and assembly.It enables to optimize the production process, reduces the time to perform works by tens of percent. The holes  system allows to quick installation ,fasteners and retooling work surface. It is dedicated to the performance of individual components as well as for mass production. LSU tables line is designed for light constructions and components.

  • working surface diamiters 1850/760
  • height in horizontal position 850
  • the total area of 2300/800
  • brake
  • angle of rotation 360
  • mounting holes fi 16 a
  • during welding spatter fluid should be used
  • three -phase power supply

Roller conveyors

We produce roller conveyors ,gravity and with a drive.The prognosis conveyor are used for efficient movement of production elements ,cartons and other charges..The conveyor placed in the photo is dedicated to cooperation with bandsaw.Made of closed profiles with the ability to eject the last roll which gives the possibility of doubling the working area.

  • working frame closed  profile 80/80
  • ball bearing roller fi 65/500
  • basic working area 2000(3700)
  • height 500(adjustable)